Our Story

Terra is the Latin name for Earth.

I was a born rockhound. Always picking up rocks everywhere I went. They were always my souvenir of choice for places visited. They found their way into my childhood jewelry boxes, my pockets and tucked away in my home, and as they grew larger in size and quantity, they eventually found their way outside as yard décor.

Then…the Hawaii ‘thing’ happened! We moved our family to Hawaii when our only child was in high school. It was the result of a combination of life-changing events that brought us to the realization that life is short. Too short not to do something outside of our comfort zone. So, off we went (yes, some of my treasured rocks went with us!), to be closer to family and to explore new horizons!

Since most of our summers were spent on Kauai, I was well aware that Madam Pele forbids the taking of her rocks, so I turned to the sea to satiate my need to collect. The treasures I collected on my frequent beach walks were always interesting, usually beautiful and quickly began to collect on my desk, shelves and eventually filled many oversized glass vessels found throughout our island home.

In 2013, we made yet another life-changing move, to the beautiful state of Colorado to be nearer to our daughter and family. I missed the ocean and beach more than I thought humanly possible, and quite literally felt like a fish out of water. After enduring a long hibernation, I knew that I needed to find something to take the place those beach walks. Once settled, I enrolled in a lapidary class where I met other folks who were as crazy about rocks as I was. I signed up for rock hunting trips where I found wonderful treasures that I excitedly hauled into ‘rock class’ to cut up and polish. I began trading treasures with other rock hounds, as well as attending local rock shows to add to my growing collection. I am always excited to cut open a rock and see what lies within. It is much like opening an oyster and finding a pearl! The excitement never goes away!

I am honored to share my Terra Gems with you.

~ Sheri~

The Faces of Terra Gems Designs



Sheri is the brains behind every stunning piece. She curates every stone herself (many of them coming from here in Colorado). Cutting, tumbling, and polishing typically happen right in her garage! With an eye for detail, Sheri creates incredible pieces that are both simple, yet, extraordinary.



Dorian is the daughter of the rockhound. She is behind the website design, support, tech, and social media management. Her two daughters are destined to become rockhounds like Gramma- they both LOVE rocks and helping Gramma with her stones.


Mini Rockhound

Lillian is the oldest Mini Rockhound. She has a love for rocks and stones just like Gramma. Getting to tumble and polish her own rocks always gets her excited. She is an excellent model for all of the Terra Gems pieces as well!


Mini Rockhound

Lauren aka Ren is the youngest mini rockhound. She provides some comic relief when Gramma has been staring at a piece for too long and needs a break! She has grown to love rocks as well and enjoys putting them in her pockets whenever we're not looking!